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About Us

At Precipice Counseling, we approach therapeutic services with the understanding that all humans inherently carry the abilities and skills to manage life's challenges. We work to evoke the inner healer within ourselves to achieve the outcomes we are seeking. The foundation of Precipice is built on the three areas of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

We understand:

Mental~ the stories we tell ourselves, and the narratives of our environment, create undue barriers that limit our progression and utilization of our inner-healer.

Emotional~ we are creatures of connection and bonding. We seek this through any means necessary including sometimes; drugs, intimacy, violence, service, etc. which impairs our ability to achieve connection freely.

Spiritual~ there is an innate drive within each of us to achieve better, more meaningful experiences. Hence the reason you are reading this and seeking services. Whether to avoid consequences or improve your experience of life, you are putting forth this effort due to a deep spiritual connection to something. 


Mike Neff, LCSW


I am a Veteran with lived experience in Mental Health and practicing clinician since 2015. As a Board Certified Mind-Body Bridging Therapist, my work focuses on evoking the inner healer within ourselves to achieve the life we desire. I believe in taking a collaborative approach to helping people reach their goals, therefore enjoy working with doctors, massage therapists, natural healers, and other professionals to best meet my clients needs. I have been a proud husband since 2009, and a blessed father of 2 children. Aside from striving to be worthy of this family and living an honorable life, my passions are therapy and fitness. I have learned to make sense of the human mind and behaviors through the I-System model of care, which makes sense of personal behaviors and our relationship with the world around us. As a passionate learner, I continued my learning in pursuing certification and self-taught skills to travel the journey of recovery with those I serve. I practice the teachings of “Becoming Your Best” with those who work with me and practice it myself. I believe any dream is achievable with the right amount of effort and know-how. I prefer the I-System Model of care and engage in evidence-based treatments to interact with and promote harmonious living within the system.


Leslie Rowe, CSW


Leslie Rowe is licensed as a Certified Social Worker.  She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work at Brigham Young University, and her Master's Degree in  Social Work at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio Texas.  Leslie brings experience from the Division of Family Services in Salt Lake City  and as the Clinical Director for the Women and Children in Crisis in Provo Utah. Leslie has 32 years combined post graduate employment  and lived experience.   Leslie married her husband in 1988 and together they raised 4 children. Her life philosophy can be summed up by author/teacher Michael Singer in the "Untethered Soul", What actually gives life meaning is the willingness to live it."


Brad Smith, CMHC


Brad Smith is professionally licensed as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor.  He  earned his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at Utah Valley University, and his Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix.  Brad brings experience from Southwest Behavioral Center, as well as 20+ years in retail leadership and human resource conflict management. Brad and his wife, their 8 children, two dogs, and eight chickens live locally in Tooele county. His approach to counseling can be summed up in the following quote by Carl Rogers. "When the other person is hurting, confused, troubled, anxious, alienated, terrified; or when he or she is doubtful of self-worth, uncertain as to identity--then understanding is called for. The gentle and sensitive companionship offered by an empathic person provides illumination and healing. In such situations deep understanding is, I believe, the most precious gift one can give to another."

Healing takes place when we are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually aligned in the same goals and purpose as our actions.

Let us be a resource for you in your recovery journey. Reach out today to schedule! 435-200-3107

About Us: Our Team
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