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We try to keep this updated, and with 5 clinicians, we are constantly seeking additional groups to offer. If you know of a need, or something you would like to see offered at Precipice Counseling, please reach out and share those ideas!

Tai Chi with Beth Young

Tuesday nights at 7 pm

Ready to get balanced and Healthy? Why Tai Chi?

​Medically Proven to...

  • Improve anxiety and depression

  • Promote calming of the mind

  • Soften emotional frustrations

  • Ease body aches and pains

  • and MORE...

Tai Chi Class
Bridge over a River

Mind-Body Bridging for Professionals with Mike Neff

Monday's, Time/Start Date is pending

Mind-Body Bridging is a treatment method proven to reduce mind and body distress associated to most professional stressors. The 6-skills covered in this group could be used individually or collectively to improve:

  • Productivity

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Decision making

  • Team Cohesiveness

  • and MORE.....

Mind-Body Bridging with Michal Neff

Coming Soon!!

Mind-Body Bridging is a treatment intervention founded by Dr. Stanley H. Block. This intervention is transdiagnostic, meaning they have applicable benefits across all mental health diagnoses. Since recovery looks different to everyone, the application and noticeable benefits from this intervention will be unique to you. This intervention is proven by research to improve:

  • Sleep 

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Addiction

  • Couples and Family cohesion 

  • and MORE....

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This form is for expressing interest or providing suggestions for group services. We will reach out within a week (depending on how much research is needed into your suggestion) and discuss possibilities.

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