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Services at Precipice Counseling

We are always looking for ways to expand and meet the needs within our community. Below is a summary of services provided and their focuses. We update services regularly, but join our Facebook group for routine updates and announcements.


This is typically the first session you and/or your family will attend. The focus on this session is two-fold

  • You are meeting the clinician to determine if they are a good fit for you in the treatment you are seeking

  • The clinician is assessing your needs within their framework and skillset, to determine which services they could offer to aid towards your goals.

If you both agreed you are a good fit, additional services will be offered. If not a good fit, referrals will be provided to another clinician, whether with us or external. 

Our clinicians are trained as Generalist Practitioners, able to diagnose and treatment most mental health diagnoses. However, each clinician has a unique focus and specialty. To learn more, read their bios.

Evaluation at Desk
Image by Kelly Sikkema

Follow-up Services

Clinicians at Precipice Counseling offer a variety of services to meet your needs. These services included:

  • Individual and/or Couples/Family Therapy

  • Supportive services to families

  • Group Therapy

And a variety of modalities, such as:

  • Mind-Body Bridging

  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Dielectric Behavioral Therapy

  • And more....

The services deemed appropriate for you will be determined between you and your clinician. Treatment Planning is a collaborative process, and is led by you and your goals.

Collaborative Services

We understand sometimes treatment engagement is not done alone. The power and influence of families and communities coming together to assist in the recovery journey is immeasurable. A Release of Information (ROI) is needed for us to provide any detailed information to any support network outside of Precipice Counseling. When one is completed we can:

  • Share reports 

  • Coordinate payments from non-insurance 3rd parties

  • Notify family members of potential mental health concerns

  • And more, discuss with your clinician

All Hands In
Services: Offerings

Other Useful Services

These are separate agencies/services we work with frequently, that could be useful to you. They operate independent from Precipice Counseling, but provide useful services in this journey.

Services: Our Team
Cassie (2)_edited.jpg

Cassie Hughes

Mind Body Medicine Practitioner

As a mind-body medicine practitioner, I am passionate about emotional wellness. My goal with each client is to help them become more self-aware of their emotional health and arm them with intuitive tools they can use daily for harmonious living. Everyone deals with intense storms in their lives. These storms are essential experiences that help us grow and become who we desire. Mind-body medicine can help you feel prepared and confident to face these storms well.
I am certified in several energy medicine modalities, including Emotion Code, Body Code, and Three-Dimensional Therapy, with extensive training in Healers Blueprint and Energy Psychology. I am also trained as a life coach and certified in aromatherapy. I am currently working toward a master’s degree in Mind-Body Medicine. I offer three sessions: life coaching, aromatherapy consultations, and energy medicine.
Coaching sessions offer a space for those wanting clarity about their goals and momentum moving forward. Uncover the life expert inside of you and discover how intuitive you are.
Aromatherapy sessions give you tangible tools to take home and use for emotional and mental well-being. Discover the oils that will work best for you specifically, get a list of your best options, and leave with a customized blend made just for you and what you want to achieve.
Energy medicine sessions are “a massage for the soul.” Find immense relief as we pinpoint stuck emotions in your body and help you release them. Your body and mind will function with more fluidity after clearing all that noise.
You may contact me by phone or text at 208-250-8839.
I am excited to meet you and will be honored to join your wellness journey.

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